We have been saving money for around a year now and in less than a week we are leaving Brazil to travel from São Paulo to Cartagena, in north of Colombia! We are so happy because we are starting where we ended our last trip (Santiago, only this time we are going straight to Atacama’s  desert!) two years ago, on the same date (the Patagonia Adventure), how cool is that?!

We going to do some trekking on the mountains of Peru, going to the beach in Ecuador and going to big cities like La Paz and Lima, a perfect mix between culture, nature and people and the kind of journey we love. It’s a 3 month trip, mostly done by bus (cheapest way to get around) and we have to be prepared for all kinds of crazy weather or situation, so  we thought we might share with you things we are taking on our backpacks that are not so obvious! *for a 3 month trip. 

Note: we are travelling with a 50 litre backpack from Quechua.



  1. Gopro & floater: we are hitting the beaches, we love the wide lens and the fact its a small compact camera, great to take on hikes.
  2. Neck cushion: this one is inflatable so it doesn’t take any space on our backpacks. Essential for the long bus rides we are going to do.
  3. Dry fit towel: easy to dry and takes no space on our backpacks.
  4. Rain ponchos: we have waterproof jackets but this can easily help us out on many occasions including to protect our backpacks!
  5. Jack split: for listening music together and seeing movies without bothering anyone. On our last trip we didn’t have and we were always that couple sharing the earphones.
  6.  All sorts of medicine: this one is obvious but, seriously, take some pills with you!
  7. Bucket power: this is a life saver! It can actually charge any of our phones and also the Gopro.
  8. Wide lens for Iphone: because we really love wide lens!
  9. 2 decks of cards: for boredom, long bus drives, rainy nights… and a great way to meet new people!
  10. Power adapter: hopefully we won’t need it but you never know..
  11. Camping kitchen ware: we bought this for Torres del Paine and we are taking this time because we are going to do other trekkings.
  12. Seasoning: this one is not so obvious and totally worth taking because we have all stayed in a hostel that didn’t even had salt to cook, haven’t we? We used tic-tac empty boxes for it.
  13. Solar bucketpower: it was really cheap (30 reais, less than 10 dollars) and we can just attach on top of our backpacks and charge it, it has a light in it (and it works too!). Great for hiking and other places with no energy (the Uyuni Salt flat for example)
  14. Swiss army knife: a friend advised us to get one and we did. We choose one that had a wine opener because… we will sure going to use it!
  15. Code Lockers: great because you don’t have to worry about the key.
  16. Analog camera: last time we didn’t take it and we later regretted it. The texture of photography is just great! (it’s a Fujica from the 80’s and used to belong to Agata’s parents)

What about you? Do you take any not obvious stuff in your backpack?